Window Replacement Estimate: What to Expect

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Here are the answers you need about a window replacement estimate - including what is going to affect the final cost. Get a free quote now.

According to MoneySense, if you are upgrading your windows to basic, weather -efficient slider/picture windows in a typical three bedroom home, you can pay anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. This price will be higher if you want custom windows, non-standard white frames, or other unique features.

Window Replacement Estimate: What to Expect

Window Replacement Estimate

The average window replacement estimate for a single window can range anywhere from $230-$1,500. The range is so large because there are so many factors that affect the final price such as size, style, and type of replacement.

Is it worth the investment? If you are planning to sell your home, one of the top 5 questions a potential buyer will ask is whether or not the windows have been upgraded. If you are staying in your home and you notice drafts, rattling noises, condensation, cracked caulking, or rot and mold, it's also time to make that investment.

Retrofitting vs Brick to Brick

There are two basic types of window installations: retrofitting or brick to brick.

Retrofitting: This type of installation involves inserting new windows into the existing casings. It is usually the less expensive option. If your home was built before 1950, then you might want to choose this option. This is especially true if the wooden frames are in good shape. Wood frames have a lovely curb appeal that vinyl just can't give you.

Brick to Brick: Brick to brick window installation means that you need to remove your frame, casing, jams, existing brick mould and trim. Your entire window is removed, including any wood that might be rotting, and the opening is cleaned out. The new window and frame is then installed in the opening.

This second type of installation is usually more expensive than retrofitting, but is generally more energy efficient. If your frames are damaged, then you will want to choose this option.

wood frames

If your wood frames are in good shape, you may want to choose retrofitting

Other Factors that Will Affect Your Window Replacement Estimate

The two most obvious factors that affect your window replacement estimate is the cost of the windows and the labour to install them. However, there are other factors that can also affect your final cost. These include:

  • Whether or not your existing frames need to be altered

  • Whether you choose double or triple glazed

  • If you get insulating gas between the panes to make them more energy efficient

  • Travel costs to remote locations

  • Structural problems in your home

Profit Margin: In addition, your installer, like any other type of business, will need to make money to do the job. A realistic profit margin is about 25%, but depending on your location, they can be as high as 60% or more.

older home

If your home is older, you may have to get windows that are custom-made to fit the size and style you need to match your home

Factors that Can Affect a Window Replacement Estimate if You Have an Older Home

An older home can have special challenges that could affect the cost of your window replacement. These include:

  • Getting customized windows to fit non-standard size openings

  • Removing counterweights

  • Having to upgrade to current building code standards

  • Needing to fill any empty spaces around your windows with insulation

  • Trying to match your new windows to maintain your home's historical architecture

You want to choose windows that match the historical architecture of your home

The Type of Windows You Choose Will Affect Your Window Replacement Estimate

There are many different styles of windows that you can choose from. They include:

  • Single-Hung: include two sashes, the top one is fixed and the bottom one can be moved up and down

  • Double-Hung: similar to single-hung, but the top and bottom sashes can move, giving you a wide range of ventilation options

  • Single-Slider: slide horizontally and come in either lift-out or tilt-in versions for easy window cleaning

  • Casement: use a crank to open outward like a door, giving great air flow and ventilation

  • Awning: hinged at the top and use a scissor crank to tilt them outward for ventilation, similar to casement windows

  • Bow: made from 4 or more adjoining windows shaped in a bow that give great views and decorative dimension to your home.

  • Bay: two operating side units and a large fixed centre unit, giving lots of light and a large seating area or ledge

  • Shaped: custom-designed into virtually any shape you want from half rounds to octagons

Awning windows tilt conveniently outwards

You Can Save on Your Window Replacement Estimate by Doing Them All at Once

Replacing one or two windows at a time is not the most cost effective way to go. If you replace all of your windows at the same time, you will definitely save on the total cost.

For further savings, replace your doors at the same time. You can save money on each window and door by doing them all at once. The amount that you save will depend on the size of your home, how many replacements you are making, and the contractor you hire.

You Can Expect a 70% Return on Investment

Window replacements are usually well worth the investment. In most cases you should expect to get about a 70% return on your investment if you sell your home.

In addition to this, you will also be saving money on your energy bills while you are still living in your home. Energy efficient windows can save you between 7% and 15% on your home energy bills.


A professional will know how to properly deal with issues such a mold

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

You may save money on labour costs by trying to replace your windows yourself. However, there are several factors that a professional will know about and can address that you may not be qualified for. These include:

Mold: Ontario has a humid climate especially in the summer, so mold is a definite concern as it thrives in our climate. Mold is harmful to your health and it can destroy your wood. A professional installer will know how to properly deal with any existing mold and how to install your windows so that mold won't be a problem in the future.

Rotten Wood Window: A professional installer can detect rotten wood caused by pests, such as carpenter ants or water damage, and will know how to fix your problem.

Structural Integrity of Load Bearing Walls: If you are replacing a window in a load bearing wall, it should only be done by a licensed professional who knows how to safely make any changes so that the structural integrity is not compromised.

Correct Measurements: Measuring a window is not simply a matter of finding out the length or width. You need to be familiar with calculating the space needed for trim, pulleys, and stop strips in order for your window to fit properly.

Local Ordinances: In some areas, you will need to install tempered or safety glass according to the law. There also may be restrictions about putting a window into a wall that is close to your property line. A professional installer will be familiar with these laws and will be able to advise you.


Local ordinances may have restrictions about putting a window in too close to your property line

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