Top Front Door Trends For 2019

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

By researching front door trends, you can get a jump on a fairly minor home update that can go a long way. A fabulous entryway can make a lasting impression for visitors to your home, as well as up its value if you're looking to sell in the near future. Read on to discover a few front door trends you need to know for 2019. When it comes time for a door replacement, contact the experts at Budget Windows & Doors instead of trying to do it yourself. Backed by superior quality products, service, and knowledge, we are able to deliver flawless results time and time again!

Top Front Door Trends For 2019

Colour your door

Your front door is one of the first things that visitors see when then enter the home, and you can display some personality by adding colour to it. Before you do, make sure to ask the following questions (via homebnc):

  • Will it complement your existing colour scheme? Does it pair well with your brick walls or hardwood patio?

  • If your front door gets a lot of sunlight, will the colour fade over time? How often will it have to be touched up or repainted?

  • Can it be matched with other exterior home decors? Will it stick out like a sore thumb against your Halloween or Christmas decor?

  • Is it a colour that everyone in the family will enjoy seeing in their home?

As an added bonus, a colourful front door that stands out in your neighbourhood will make it easier for first-time visitors to find your house!

Colour on your front door can make a lasting impression.

Go with the natural wood look

On the other end of the spectrum, opting for the natural wood look ranks high among front door trends.

"Nothing else matches the material's warmth and satisfying heft," according to This Old House. "Or offers so many design options. Steel doors are stamped; fiberglass pops out of a mold. But a wood door can be custom crafted in virtually any shape or size and incorporate whatever molding profiles, panel configurations, glazing options, or carvings that you please."

The concern with wood used to be how easily it warps, but that's not the case anymore. Modern wood front doors are built to last.

Here are 15 natural wood looks to inspire.

Opting for natural wood ranks high among front door trends.

Upsize your front door

Many are turning to larger front doors in order to stand out from the rest. Among other front door trends, adding a larger piece can make your home appear to be quite grand.

“Big is better," Joe LeFlore - vice president of South Florida Millwork - told Builder Online. "Ten-foot doors were becoming the new normal, and now the 12-foot door is becoming the 10-foot door. People are starting to demand 10-by-6-foot doors. Massive, massive, massive."

A large front door makes it easier to move larger pieces of furniture in and out, and you'll no longer have to fight with tight entryways when bringing in the groceries.

For some oversized front door ideas, click here.

Front door trends: Bigger is better.

Energy efficiency

Saving on monthly hydro bills will never go out of style.

"Your home's exterior doors can contribute significantly to air leakage, and can also waste energy through conduction, especially if it's old, uninsulated, improperly installed, and/or improperly air sealed," according to

Replacing old, drafty, single-pane glass with Energy Star certified products can result in substantial savings in your energy costs.

As an added bonus, the updated look and resulting energy savings - can be a big selling point if you’re considering selling your home.

Homeowners are prioritizing energy efficient front doors.

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