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How to Measure a Door Jamb

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

A door jamb is the vertical portion of the door frame onto which a door is secured. In this article, we will discuss how to measure a door jamb and why it's important to get it right. For expert door repair and replacement, trust the professionals at Budget Windows & Doors - we provide one of a kind, high quality service with every job!

How to Measure a Door Jamb

Steps for how to measure a door jamb

Measuring jamb width is one of the most important things you will need to know when replacing a door unit.

If your jamb is too small, the framing or rough opening in the wall may be exposed; if your jamb is too large then it will need to be trimmed and fitted to the wall. If your jamb is not the right size, it may also cause you some serious headaches, the biggest of which being a failure to open and close properly.

Note: The depth of a standard door jamb is 4 5/8 inches, which provides an extra 1/8 inch to account for slightly thicker walls due to stud size variation.

  1. To measure the door jamb size, you may need to remove any trim moulding or siding you have on the door. This should be easy to pry loose with a pry bar, or even a screwdriver

  2. Make sure you are measuring from the visible edges of the jamb to get the correct size.

  3. Measure from the inside edge of the trim on one side to the inside edge of the trim on the other side to get your jamb width if there’s trim installed, or simply measure the jamb if you have removed the trim.

Note: It is always best to have a professional take a look when you're dealing with your front door. Find a local contractor in your area if you have any questions about your house.

Make sure you are measuring from the visible edges of the jamb to get the correct size.

What is a door jamb?

Door jambs are the vertical sides of the door frame. They appear built in, but are actually screwed to the rough framing of the house. In other words, door jambs consist of each of the two upright parts of a door frame; on one the door is hung, and on the other sits the strike plate for the latch.

If you want to replace your door jamb, you may need to purchase a door frame set, which includes all the parts you need to build a whole new frame. In addition to the jamb, here are the other components of a door frame:

  • Head: The horizontal component located above the door. It features two grooves where the door jambs fit.

  • Sill: The horizontal component that sits on the floor below the door. The sill is also called the threshold and is usually only present on exterior doors. The purpose of the sill is to give the door frame added rigidity and to help channel away any water that runs toward the door.

  • Door stop: Thin strips of wood called 'stops' are mounted along the length of the jambs and head. The purpose is to stop the door so it can’t be ripped off its hinges.

  • Weatherstripping: When mounted against the jamb and door stop, weatherstripping helps to create an airtight seal on exterior doors.

When assessing how to measure a door jamb, you must be careful not to confuse the jambs with other door frame parts.

Door jambs consist of each of the two upright parts of a door frame, on one of which the door is hung and the other on which sits the strike plate for the latch.

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