How to Measure a Door for Replacement: The Quick and Easy Guide

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Wondering how to measure a door for replacement? Read on to discover some tips and tricks from Budget Windows & Doors president and owner, Robert Lindner. When it comes time for a front door replacement, contact the experienced professionals at Budget Windows & Doors - we take great pride in our work and place special emphasis on customer satisfaction.

How to Measure a Door for Replacement: The Quick and Easy Guide

Learn how to measure a door from an expert

Budget Windows & Doors president and owner Robert Lindner takes great pride in the work his company does and places special emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Robert will personally meet with you, listen to your ideas and needs, and make informed suggestions.

The son of a home builder, Robert has substantial knowledge in the home building/construction industry, combining his degree in Civil Engineering with his extensive experience by paying the utmost attention to even the smallest detail.

Robert's knowledge of efficient installations and renovations is reflected in the professionals under his employ, resulting in complete customer satisfaction. His commitment to ongoing research in home design and home efficiency is what keeps his customers returning time and time again.

Here, then, are a few of Robert's tips on how to measure a door in the event of necessary repairs or a full replacement.

1. Remove interior trim of existing door to expose the rough opening stud to stud and confirm opening is square.

2. Measure width first and determine widest standard size. Standard outside frame widths are 31.5, 33.5, 35.5, 37.5 inches, meaning your rough opening should be approximately 1 inch wider than your door frame to allow for shims and insulation.

A measuring tape is the simplest tool required when assessing a door.

3. Measure the height of opening. Standard outside frame heights are 82.5 and 97.5 inches, so your rough opening should be 83-84 inches

4. Once your size is measured, you will need to determine if the hinges are on the right side or the left side.

Note: left and right is determined from the outside of the house or outside of the room facing the door)

5. Determine if you want the door to swing in or out. Measure the surrounding area to make sure there will be no impediments when opening.

When looking at how to measure a door, be sure to take into consideration the position of the hinges and how it will swing.

After following these steps for how to measure a door, you're ready to tackle the next stage of the repair or replacement process. Before moving on, be sure to read our article on Hiring Window and Door Service vs DIY.

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