Cloudy Window - 4 Alternatives For How To Fix

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

A cloudy window is often caused by the seal allowing air to enter the glass, resulting in condensation and cloudiness that will not go away by itself over time. Instead, a cloudy window is something you will have to spend time repairing or replacing in order to make sure you are kept safe from the elements and receiving a good amount of sunlight into your home. Read on to discover four alternatives for how to deal with this situation. When it comes time for a window replacement, trust the experts at Budget Windows & Doors. For a no-obligation estimate, contact us today!

Cloudy Window - 4 Alternatives For How To Fix

1. Patch Cracked or Broken Glass

Condensation often builds up due to damage suffered by your window's glass. This can be caused by human factors, like a ball being thrown at the window. It can also be caused by harsh Ontario winters or thunderstorms.

You can offset the development of a cloudy window by trying to repair any cracks.

According to Hunker, applying a piece of either masking tape or clear packing tape over the crack on both sides of the window pane can help to keep the glass intact and keep condensation from working its way through the crack until it can be replaced. Apply the tape so that it extends past the crack on all sides, and press it firmly against the glass.

Note: This may stop the fog from getting worse, but may not fix the fog that is currently there. Your window will also be prone to shattering if bumped as cracks negatively impact a window's structural integrity.

Keep a cloudy window from getting worse by patching any cracks.

2. Drill an Air Vent

By drilling small holes into the outer window pane, you can increase air flows and reduce the amount of condensation built up between the panes. To accomplish this, follow these steps via eHow:

  • Install a 3/8-inch diameter glass cutting bit into a power drill or a hand-held oscillating tool.

  • Fill a spray bottle full of cold water and screw the top on tightly.

  • Put on safety glasses and work gloves before proceeding with drilling through the glass.

  • Walk to the exterior of the home so you are facing the double-paned window. If the window is above ground level, use a sturdy ladder to access it safely.

  • Place the tip of the drill bit in the lower right corner of the glass and squeeze the trigger to begin drilling through it. As you drill, have another person spray the bit constantly with water from the spray bottle to cool it off.

  • Continue holding the bit in place until it penetrates through the exterior pane of glass. Do not drill all the way through the interior side of the glass.

  • Reposition the bit at the upper right corner of the double-paned glass window and repeat the process to drill a hole in this location as well.

  • Wipe down the external surface of the window with a cloth to remove the excess moisture.

You can also hire a professional company to drill the holes and clean the windows instead of performing the task yourself.

Drill small holes into the outer window pane to increase air flow and reduce the amount of condensation on your cloudy window.

3. Replace Window Sash

Your window sash is a unified framed which holds the sheets of glass in place. According to The Spruce, "instead of investing in an expensive complete window replacement you can buy a cheaper item called a window sash replacement kit" which allows you to "bypass the more labour-intensive job of completely replacing broken or poorly performing windows by switching out only the moving section."

Sash replacement kits are usually tied to your brand of window and are usually not found in stock at home centres because they're special-order items from the manufacturer. In fact, in some cases, purchasing a new-construction window at your local home centre, removing the sash, and using it as a replacement may be less expensive than ordering a sash replacement kit. This is possible only when your existing window is an exact, one-for-one match with the new-construction window.

Here's an example of how to replace a window sash.

4. Replace the Entire Window

The only sure fire way to completely remedy a cloudy window is to have it replaced.

Remember: A regular double-paned window is not as efficient as an air-filled one, so once it begins to demonstrate signs of cloudiness, you should consider replacing it with the latter.

Most window design professionals agree that new, quality windows should last at least 15 or 20 years before you should consider replacing them. Windows built to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines can be expected to last 25 years.

With windows 15-25 years old, you can expect to perform repairs regularly, adding caulking and insulation, and performing a number of other temporary fixes such as the ones mentioned above. Eventually, you will need to replace the entire unit, and a cloudy window is a sure sign that the time has come.

The only sure fire way to completely remedy a cloudy window is to have it replaced.

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