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With the way prices are going up lately, you may be wondering what the cost of budget windows in Ontario is right now. In this blog, Budget Windows and Doors will review what to expect if you are thinking about installing or replacing windows. Keep reading to find out.

Looking to install or replace windows? Discover the cost of Budget Windows.

Budget Windows: Cost

The average price of a replacement window in Ontario is $800 (including materials and labor); however, depending on the size or type of window you want, you will be looking at anywhere between $800 and $4000.

The cost of your new windows will depend primarily on these factors:

  1. Type of Window

  2. Material of Window

  3. Labor Involved

Other factors that will affect the cost of your window installation or replacements are the following:

  • Size of Window

  • Insulation of Window

  • Customization or Special Features

These last 3 factors vary greatly, but will all increase the cost of your windows. The focus of this article will be on the costs related to the first 3 factors: Type of Window, Material of Window, and Labor involved.

The cost of windows depends on factors such as the type, size and materials.

1. Type of Window

According to blog.renovationfind.com, you will pay between $100 and $4500 for a new window. Below is a summary of their breakdown of costs. We have estimated the prices based on current Canadian prices. You will notice that the original amounts they list are less since they are based on American currency.

Also, remember that this breakdown is just to show you how much the windows themselves cost and that this does not include the cost of labor.

Picture Below: A large bay or bow window like the one in the picture is an average of about $2500.

Window Cost

Slider $180 - $970

Single-Hung $120 - $490

Double-Hung $180 - $790

Picture $365 - $1,460

Casement $240 - $1,700

Bay / Bow $1,220 - $5,480

Custom $1,220 or more

2. Material of Window

You'll also want to keep in mind that a window's material will affect the overall cost.

According to Homeadvisor.com, the following materials are more affordable:

  • Vinyl (a most popular choice for its durability and affordability)

  • Aluminum

Other materials such as Wood or Composite materials will cost more. Fiberglass generally costs the most; however, most people choose vinyl over fiberglass because they have "similar insulation properties" to vinyl. Click on that last link to read more about how the material of your window affects its overall cost.

3. Labor Involved

Although labor charges vary, you can usually expect to be charged at least $120 or more per window.

One of the benefits of choosing Budget is that they will always try to find you quality windows for a price that suits your budget. Also, if you decide to have multiple windows replaced all at once, you will likely save money, too! Check out our other blog post on this topic to read about how replacing all your windows at once can save you time, money and energy!

Replacing multiple windows at once generally saves you money because they can be bought in bulk.

Can I save money by replacing my own windows?

While replacing your windows yourself can be rewarding in that you may save money on labor, you put yourself at risk for running into trouble. Also, if that is the case, you may end up paying more than you bargained for.

Professional window installers guarantee their work and have years of expertise to save you the toil and frustration of such a demanding job. Your Budget windows will be installed expertly and efficiently!

Budget Windows: Why Budget Windows & Doors?

Budget offers more than just window replacement and installation. Under the supervision and leadership of President and Owner Robert Lindner, you are getting a full quality service including consultation, project planning, and clean-up.

Read more about Robert and Budget Windows & Doors

Budget Windows & Doors will meet with you, give you a free quote, give you advice on how to make your home energy-efficient, install your windows with care and efficiency, and finish the job with a full clean-up and inspection to make sure you are completely satisfied!

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“We must tell you how pleased we are with the high-quality windows and installation your firm has supplied. A recent very high wind storm provided a small test of the comfort we can anticipate in the winter about to start – very comfortable, quiet and reassuring. ‘Outstanding’ and ‘artisans’ are two words that describe the installers. These gentlemen worked full-out until completion, coping with features unique to our house with competence and admirable skill. They even consulted me to determine which type of “cap” we would prefer on the bay window – I didn’t know a choice was possible. At the end of a major project like this, when we can say we are pleased, impressed and satisfied, that’s high praise indeed.” – D. & L. Luelo

“This August of 2009, we had all of our windows replaced in our home. We truly appreciate the time taken, and help offered in our decision-making process, and the knowledge you brought. We were very impressed with how meticulous, considerate, and efficient the crew was that worked on our home. We managed to have nine windows replaced in one day. Thank you so much for a wonderful job done. We are very pleased with the end result, and when it is time for us to replace our doors, we know who we will call. Thank you so much for everything.” – P. & B. Snyder

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