Benefits of Replacing Windows All At Once

Replacement windows are a worthwhile investment because they improve the look of your home and provide you with energy efficiency. If you have a window or two that need repairing, consider replacing windows all at once. In this article, Budget Windows and Doors will show you why replacing windows all at once can save you money, time, and energy.

Save money, time, and energy when replacing windows all at once!

Replacing Windows: Save Money

While replacing windows may seem like a costly investment, replacing your windows all at once can actually save you money in the long run. Here's why:

1. Assessments

When a company is replacing your windows, they need to assess your home, determine your needs, and offer suggestions. Each time you have an assessment, someone needs to come to your house and you will be charged for their labor. Reduce the labor charge by having them do one complete assessment instead of multiple ones.

2. Materials

In general, you will usually save money if you buy in bulk. Upgrading all your windows at once allows you to purchase more materials, increasing the likelihood that the manufacturers will offer you a discounted price. If you wait and decide to buy single windows at different times, chances are you will end up paying more. Also, remember that prices tend to increase each year (notice the price of lumber these days?), so the cost of windows is likely to go up, too.

3. Installation

When a company sends workers to install replacement windows, there is a lot of setup and clean-up involved. Therefore, having a company come in at different times requires more time for setup and clean-up. By reducing the number of visits to your home, you will actually save money on labour charges. Replacing windows all at once is a more efficient process for everyone.

Purchasing windows in bulk saves you money!

Replacing Windows: Save Time

As mentioned above, the fewer time workers have to spend in your home the better this is on your budget. Also, think about the time and energy you and others will spend by having to set up multiple appointments and consultations. By replacing windows all at once, you only need to set up 1 consultation and 1 installation. Some teams may even finish replacing all of your windows within a week or less.

Replacing Windows: Save Energy

Chances are you are replacing your windows to upgrade your home's look and to improve your home's energy consumption. Older windows tend to leak air which competes with your home's heating and cooling systems. New windows, on the other hand, provide better ventilation and insulation to make your home life more comfortable, especially during the summer and winter.

Budget Windows and Doors ensures that you are getting energy-star products installed for overall savings on your home energy bills. Watch this video to find out more about Energy Star Windows.

Get 20% more energy efficiency with Energy Star Windows!

Replacing Windows with Budget

Deciding to replace your windows all at once is a big decision that involves a fair investment of money. By choosing Budget Windows and Doors, you are investing that money wisely. Budget does the job right the first time and guarantees that their work is completed to the highest of standards. Here is what Budget will do for you:

  • Meet with you to learn what your needs are

  • Offer suggestions as well as a free quote

  • Keep you up to date about rebate programs from home renovations in Ontario

  • Professionally replace your windows with care and efficiency

  • Full clean-up and Inspection with a workmanship guarantee (which covers you if there are any installation errors)

Click here to read more about Budget's services and keep reading for testimonials from other happy Budget customers.

Contact Budget Windows & Doors today for a free quote! They will get you the best for your budget!


“Just a quick note to say thanks to the whole team for making our window replacement a very painless experience. Your service is exceptional and we will be passing your name on to anyone who needs windows!” – B. & J.

"This is the second time Budget Windows and Doors have replaced windows for us. The team does super work. They are kind and work hard to complete the job. We highly, highly recommend Rob and his team. Thank you all for a superior job. We absolutely love our new windows in our new home." - L. & M. Maddocks

“I am writing to thank you for your excellent work in replacement windows. To be honest, I am so used to shoddy workmanship that I was more than pleasantly surprised with the speed, quality, workmanship and demeanor of the gentlemen you sent to install the windows. I tend to “hover” when I hire a contractor, but in this case every time I checked out the progress of the work your team was one step ahead of my concerns. One of my neighbors was so impressed that she rang the doorbell to get the name of the company I used. I was only too glad to highly recommend Budget Windows & Doors to her. Thank you for the way you handled my account from start to finish.” – V.T. Greico

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