Average Home Window Replacement Cost in Ontario

Need new windows? Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the average home window replacement cost in Ontario. The average cost can range anywhere from $200 to over $2,000 per window. Get the best price on replacement windows today!

average home window replacement cost in ontario

Home Window Replacement Cost - from $200 - $2,000 per Window

An exact home window replacement cost is hard to give, as the average cost ranges anywhere from $200 to over $2,000. This range is so great because of the many factors involved in getting an actual quote, including:

  • The size of your windows

  • How many you need replaced

  • The cost of installation

  • The material you choose for your windows

  • Whether you need a custom size or shape

The following prices are meant to give you a rough idea about how much it will cost to replace your windows. For a more accurate estimate, it is best to contact a professional.

Home Window Replacement Cost by Style of Window

Single Hung Windows

A single hung window is a classically styled window that opens up vertically, only from the bottom. The upper sash cannot be moved. These types of windows are better suited for the lower levels of your home, as you need to lean out of your windows to clean the upper sash. Therefore, they could be dangerous at higher elevations.

Average cost per window: $230 - $460

Both sashes in double hung windows can be moved

Double Hung Windows

A double hung window looks identical to a single hung one, however, the double hung has the advantage that you can move both the upper and lower sashes. This means that you can achieve a higher and more specialized amount of circulation. The sashes usually also lean inward so that they are easy to clean, even at higher elevations.

Average cost per window: $395 - $1,000

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have two sashes with one that slides horizontally, while the other remains stationary. This is a common style for larger windows. The sliding sash can be removed for easy cleaning. However, they are not recommended for upper levels as cleaning the stationary pane requires leaning out to clean the outside.

Average cost per window: $430 - $1,500

A sliding window slides horizontally, while a casement window opens up like a door

Casement (Crank) Windows

Casement windows are hinged along one side so they can be opened up like a door using a crank. The crank usually acts as a lock, but some models will also come with an additional lock. You can achieve maximum ventilation with casement windows because you can open them completely up and away from their frame.

Average cost per window: $360 - $980

Home Window Replacement Cost by Material


Vinyl is one of the most popular and inexpensive choices of material for windows. They don't warp or rot and they are very durable. They are usually made with a hollow core but you can get also get frames that are filled with foam to provide extra insulation.


Composite is a mixture of PVC polymers and wood fibres. It is more durable than both vinyl and wood and it is maintenance free. It also has the added benefit of being very attractive, because it looks like wood.


Aluminum is generally inexpensive, but is difficult to paint and doesn't insulate very well. Even though it is inexpensive to purchase, it is less popular than all of the other choices.


Window frames made from wood are both durable and beautiful. The most common types of wood used are pine and Douglas fir. However, you can also choose other varieties such as cedar, oak, alder and mahogany. Wood gives you a better selection of colours and it usually looks better on historic homes.


Fibreglass is about 15%-30% more expensive than vinyl but it is more durable. However, it has similar insulation properties. Because of its higher cost, it isn't as popular of a choice as vinyl is.

Home Window Replacement Cost

A professional installer knows how to measure correctly, and can deal with problems like mold and rot

Why Hiring a Professional Is Cheaper in the Long Run

You may thinking that replacing your windows yourself will save you money, however, hiring a professional to do it for you will probably be cheaper in the long run. This is because a professional installer will:

Recognize and know how to deal with mold: Ontario has a very humid climate in the summer, so mold is a definite concern. Mold can be very harmful to your health and it can destroy your wood. A professional installer will know how to properly deal with any existing mold and how to install your windows so that mold won't be a problem in the future.

A professional can help you solve problems such as insects.

Be able to detect rotten wood: A professional installer can detect and know how to solve problems like rotten wood caused by pests such as carpenter ants or water damage.

Know about structural integrity of load bearing walls: If you are replacing a window in a load bearing wall, it should only be done by a licensed professional who knows how to safely make any changes so that the structural integrity is not compromised.

Know how to correctly measure and order your windows: Measuring a window is not simply a matter of finding out the length and width. A professional installer will be familiar with calculating the space required for trim, pulleys and stop strips in order for your window to fit properly. They will know exactly what to order.

Be familiar with local ordinances: A professional installer will be familiar with local ordinances that affect window installations, and will be able to advise you on them. For example, in some areas, you will need to install tempered or safety glass according to the law. There also may be restrictions about putting a window into a wall that is close to your property line.

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