5 Inspiring Patio Door Options

With the Spring season just beginning and summer around the corner, it is the perfect time to prepare your patio for the warmer weather. Let's look at 5 of the best patio door options for your home and how Budget Windows & Doors can help you get started with your summer planning.

Top 5 Patio Doors

1. Aluminum Bi-folding Patio Doors

Image Source: https://origin-global.com/a-garden-room-to-enjoy-all-year-round-with-origin-bifolding-doors

Bi-folding doors are amazing because you can use them to extend your living space to the outdoors. They can be folded to free up more space and they even provide full views outside if they remain closed. Plus, you can decide to only open a portion of the door.

Aluminum patio doors of any style are beneficial because they:

  • require minimal maintenance

  • do not warp

  • are strong but slim-lined

2. Black-Framed Swinging Patio Doors

Just as the name suggests, these patio doors swing open and shut. The black-framed doors provide a nice contrast to the wood interior and the dark color masks spills and stains (no wonder people like it!). These types of patio doors can come in the following materials:

  • vinyl

  • fiberglass

  • steel

  • wood

3. Wood-Framed Glass Swinging Patio Doors

If you love the warm, classic look of wood, consider wood patio doors in a swing style like the picture above. The benefits of wood patio doors are as follows:

  • you can open one door or both doors (or in this case, both sets!)

  • you get a natural look that can be painted to suit your style

  • wood is a durable material that is easy to repair

  • wood is eco friendly

4. Classic French Doors

Don't forget that patio doors make a great addition to bedrooms. These white French doors are classic and can be used to access the outdoors from any area of your home. French doors provide a view of the outdoors while the crisscrossing of lines over the glass enhances your interior designs.

5. Garage Door Patio Doors

Image Source: https://imgur.com/19uNnEM

Ok, so I know this isn't actually a patio door, however, you can see how people have uniquely created their own patio doors for their indoor/outdoor spaces. Start thinking about how you can put your own spin on your patio doors to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Get Started with Budget Windows & Doors

Whether you opt for the traditional sliding patio door or choose something else like we just saw, an attractive patio door is a great addition to your home (and outdoor living space). Also, for the safety of you and your loved ones, you want a secure door. Luckily, patio doors are equipped with various locks which provide you and your family with safety.

For expert advice and patio door installation, Contact Budget Windows & Doors. They have 20 years of experience in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and can provide you with a variety of patio doors at budget prices. Plus, right now you can take advantage of their 20% off Windows & Doors promotion!


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