15 Inspirational Photos of European Doors

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

See how European doors can give your home that "wow" factor that will make it stand out from all the others! Get your new doors installed today!

15 Inspirational Photos of European Doors

Europeans Doors that Will Inspire You

Here are some gorgeous and unique European doors that are sure to get you inspired to replace your old, tired-looking door with a breathtaking - and probably much more energy-efficient - style.

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Classic European Doors - Wood Designs

Wood is a classic material for doors. It's strong, gorgeous and rich in appearance. If you love the look of a wood door but are not sure about how it will stand up to the elements, there are many beautiful vinyl options that will give you the lovely look of wood grains you want plus the durability you desire.

1. Delightful Double Doors

Double wooden doors with glass insets make a lasting first impression - Image Source: i.pinimg.com

2. Perfect Arched Doors

The added archway to these wooden doors gives even more flare - Image Source: Heathered Nest

3. Wooden Elegance

This solid wood Georgian-style door has beautiful moldings and interesting hardware - Image Source: Traditional Home

4. Intricate Designs

This awesome cathedral-sized antique door is wonderfully ornate - it's a true beauty for anyone's 'castle' - Image Source: i.pinimg.com

European Doors with Lots of Colour

One thing that Europeans are not afraid of is colour! Especially when it comes to doors. And no colour is off the table. If you like pink, why not put it on your door? The wonderful thing about a colourful door is that it can really make your entryway "pop."

5. Appealing Robin's Egg Blue

Here's a soft robin's egg blue coloured door found in Paris - it even has a couple of rather royal-looking cameos adorning it - Image Source: History in High Heels

6. Pretty in Pink

This distressed wood door is pretty in pink with lovely brass accents - Image Source: Fine Art America

7. Rustic Red

Of course, we must include a rustic red door for our collection. This one has beautiful black iron insets and door knobs for added pizzazz! - Image Source: I Love Curiosity

8. Bright Blue

Why not get a peacock blue front door - this one has beautiful intricate ironwork inserts to make it even more stunning - Image Source: Fine Art America

European Door with Stained Glass

Europe is not only famous for its stained glass windows in its churches, but it also has its fair share of beautiful stained glass adorning its doors on other buildings and homes. Stained glass can add style to your door and it can also be an actual work of art for you and your neighbours to enjoy.

9. Old World Meets Modern

This extremely colourful stained glass front door will look amazing in your home; it's both modern and old world in one amazing door - Image Source: Shelterness

10. Swirly Shapes

We love this swirly-shaped door with its understated stained glass window insets - what a show-stopper! - Image Source: IMGUR.com

11. Stunning Stained Glass

This bright and airy stained glass door is a dazzling architectural element for this entryway - Image Source: MoodBoard

European Doors that Are Rather Unusual - But Beautiful

Europe is well known for its great variations of styles especially in doors. They are not afraid to be a little bit different, as is evident in this next selection of European doors.

12. A Rare Bird

This quaint pink door has an unusually interesting shape to it, but the painted bird above is truly remarkable - Image Source: i.pinimg.com

13. True Work of Art

This incredibly unique door is one-of-a-kind and is perfect for the true art lover - Image Source: FugasViagens

14. Delightful Dragon

If you love fantasy, then this is definitely the door for you! - Image Source: IMGUR.com

15. Extravagantly Ornate

This European door has it all - wood, colour, ornate ironwork, and size! - Image Source: Abriendo Puertos

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