10 Stunning Window Box Ideas to Dress Up Your Home Year-Round

Today we're going to take a look at 10 stunning window box ideas that are going to dress up your home all year long.

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This post will give you some great ideas and inspiration to give an added "zing" to your home's exterior and the following video will give you some helpful planting tips. So let's get started!

Here's some helpful window box planting tips to get you started

Spring Window Box Ideas

1. Low Maintenance Petunias

Image Source: Joss & Main

Here's one of our favourite window box ideas: a self-watering container so you'll never lose your flowers because you forgot to water them. This great idea comes from Joss & Main. In addition, this particular display is perfect for spring as it uses adorable pansies which are one of the earliest blooming flowers that can handle the chilly spring temperatures.

2. Fake Is Fabulous

Image Source: Home Stratosphere

You can even use artificial flowers in your window box while you are waiting for the summer weather to come. These arrangements from Home Stratosphere feature bouquets of various bright tulip blooms. Also, the window box itself is a gorgeous colour and is made to resemble a picket fence.

Summer Window Box Ideas

Take advantage of the incredible array of flower choices for your window boxes in the summer. The combinations are endless so you can create a truly unique display.

3. Beautiful Begonias

Image Source: Giving Plants Blog

One of the most stunning summer flowers is the begonia. This amazing display from Giving Plants Blog showcases these beautiful coral tuberous begonias among the ivy, decorative grasses and a contrasting pop of purple violets.

The wonderful thing about this type of begonia is that you can save the tubers from year to year so you don't have to keep buying new ones.

4. Stunning Shrubs

Image Source: London Planters

You don't have to stick to just flowers for your window box. This lovely display from London Planters incorporates 3 nicely manicured shrubs along with trailing ivy.

The mostly green display looks great in this dark metal container and they've provided just enough of a pop of colour with the pink cyclamens to add visual interest.

5. Pretty Petunias

Petunias are a great choice for flower boxes. They come in a huge selection of beautiful colours and you can get ones that love to trail down the sides of your containers.

6. Simplicity

If you have a smaller window and would like to keep things simple, choose one flower you love and go with that. These cheery daisies look so quaint and are the perfect choice for this dainty white metal box.

Fall Window Box Ideas

As the weather begins to cool down, and your summer blooms start to fade, you can still add great colour to your window boxes. Here are some of our favourite fall window box ideas.

7. Colourful Chrysanthemums

Image Source: the Window Seat

Replace some of your fading flowers from your summer display with bright and colourful chrysanthemums, or mums for short. These popular fall blooms can handle the colder temperatures and will look amazing as they extend the life of your window box.

This great fall example from the Window Seat also has a lovely collection of pumpkins and gourds beneath the flowers to give another nod to the autumn season.

8. Pumpkins Plus

Image Source: Mama and More!

This beautiful fall arrangement from Mama and More! features three bright orange pumpkins nestled among some beautiful green trailing ivy. The great thing about this display is that as the mums open up, you're going to also enjoy another pop of fall colour.

Winter Window Box Ideas

You don't need to leave your window boxes empty for the winter. Here are some great ways to perk them up and bring beauty during the cold months.

9. Pine and Pine Cones

Image Source: Wisteria and Rose

Check out this lovely, rustic winter window box display from Wisteria and Rose. It uses items you can probably find lying around your yard or on a hike in the woods. Who knew that large pine cones, a selection of evergreen, and dead branches could look so amazing!

10. Christmas Creation

Image Source: Wisteria and Rose

Here's another elegant idea from Wisteria and Rose to make your windows look amazing during the holiday season. The addition of small silver balls to this stunning display of greenery adds a festive feeling. And don't forget to hang a coordinating wreath above to finish the look.

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